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John M. Dadian

Dadian & Associates will help you deal successfully with local, state and national governmental agencies and interest groups that influence public policy decisions.

Most regions consist of scores of governmental agencies that affect your business.  Consistent contact with these agencies ensures that any problem or concerns of your particular company are addressed in the beginning stages of any debate. Associations may protect the members' interest as a whole, but having someone safeguarding your individual interests ensures your company's concerns are professionally addressed. Dadian & Associates will guide your company through the maze of permits, procedures, and applications.

We have extensive experience in public policy research and analysis, and in cultivating and managing coalitions that work to advance the clients' needs.

We advise our clients when to step forward and with what message, before which audiences, conveyed by whom and what it means. In this way, we have assisted our clients, not just in relating their stories but also in advancing their business objectives.

Your long-term relationship with the community and your consumers can affect your relationships with key decision makers, your market share and future projects.  A blip on the radar screen today can turn into a major image or reputation problem tomorrow.

We have built our leadership position in this industry by having a constant presence before the many varied local governments and quasi-governmental agencies scattered throughout California. As registered government advocates, we depend on maintaining open working relationships with key decision makers.  Dadian & Associates is a registered lobbying firm with the following entities:

bullet City of San Diego
bullet County of San Diego
bullet San Diego Unified Port District
bullet County of Los Angeles

We provide ongoing community relations services to some of California's most respected institutions - sometimes because they have an immediate crisis at hand, but more often, to secure and enhance their positive identity and competitiveness within the marketplace.

Dadian & Associates is a proud member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Building Industry Association, the San Diego Downtown Partnership, the Navy League, the Marine Corps Association, the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, the Catfish Club and the Zoological Society.

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