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Community Relations

Community relations and coalition building is crucial to ensuring your goals are achieved. Higher visibility in the community can enhance your company's presence and stature in the community. The positive image of your company can never be in the public eye too often. Whether it be participating in a community based issue or perhaps as a member on a civic task force, participation by your organization and its members will be beneficial to all parties. Dadian & Associates will guide you to these opportunities.

Dadian and Associates currently represents a number of clients that have tasked us with connecting them to their key centers of influence. Clients such as Shell Oil Company, Hartford Insurance and Ryder Trucks have relied upon us to build critical community bridges. These bridges may be over troubled waters, or perhaps simply over uncharted territory. We strive to make connections with people, organizations and special interest groups that ultimately could support their cause. We've been effective not only because of our connections with communities throughout the region, but also due to our professional work over the past decade. The firm has well established relationships with chambers of commerce, economic development, hospitality and tourism corporations, planning commissions, educational governance and the non-profit community that ultimately benefit our clients.

Special Events

Whether a small reception or a large ceremony, we will assist you to maximize your exposure for any event. With a background in logistical planning and advance work, Dadian & Associates has been involved with many special events that have been "the talk of the town." In 1992, Mayor Susan Golding asked John M. Dadian, Principal of the firm, to be chairman of her inaugural committee. Her inauguration was attended by over 5000 guests at the San Diego Convention Center. When world renowned marine and environmental artist Christian Riese Lassen decided to open his first gallery in the continental United States, he hired Dadian & Associates to handle all media and public relations and to oversee the public and private grand opening of the gallery.

Media Relations

Successful public relations campaigns depend on consistent, positive coverage in the media.

Dadian & Associates will develop your people as reliable media sources, and find newsworthy angles for your issues, product, and organization. Our professional methods are as varied as our clients, all designed to achieve your communications goals. In addition to innovative and creative methods, we use traditional news releases, pitch letters and personal contact with the media. With the right strategy, you will enjoy positive and frequent coverage in the media. Over the years, we have built an effective outreach system, from one on one relationships with key reporters, to persuasive story opportunities and editorials, to attention getting media events for many of our clients. Of course, we are proud of these accomplishments, but we also provides the very necessary regular contact with media outlets through press releases and other regular communications.

Publicity must have a strategic and measurable impact on our clients' business. We do not believe in publicity for its own sake. Successful publicity programs must deliver against predetermined objectives and, in the final analysis, serve to advance the client's overall business goals.

Information in today's Digital Age is available at a dizzying pace from countless sources. But as the speed of communication increases, so does the potential for missed opportunities.

Success in today's competitive media market requires a combination of high-tech flare and old-fashioned journalistic grit. Satellite news conferences, video news releases and Internet communications are the tools of our trade. But when it comes to ensuring that information supporting your cause is communicated through the media, our statewide relationships with key reporters and editors along with research-based messages and strategies are what separate our clients' issues from the clutter.

We specialize in maintaining control of the message and securing support even on the most controversial issues. With Dadian & Associates, your message is our business. We also prepare clients to deal effectively with reporters.

In times of crisis that threaten credibility and profits, companies can either weather the storm and come back stronger - or never be heard from again. Our first line of defense is to help you avoid a crisis. Our second is to make it an opportunity.

John Dadian is consistently sought after by media outlets for his analysis on local politics and community affairs. With eighteen incorporated cities and numerous levels of government throughout the region, constant analysis is being conducted not only by the media but by community groups and government and community leaders. Some articles that have contained Johnís scrutiny and opinion:


KNSD 7/39 (TV) - Another Mayoral Candidate Steps Forward - Sanders Credited With Revamping Nonprofits

Political consultants say entry qualifications this time around will be different. "I think a credible candidate can probably make it into a runoff with $100,000," said political consultant John Dadian. "Normally, it would take $2 [million] or $3 [million] or $4 million. The last mayor's race, people were raising in the millions."



San Diego Union Tribune - Huge impact seen on political front, not so for city's financial situation Philip J. LaVelle. Page A1

In the political world, Murphy's departure triggered frenzied speculation, but observers of varying political stripes gave him credit for putting the city above himself. "He did the honorable thing," said Republican consultant John Dadian, a Murphy supporter. He said Murphy's departure will "absolutely" lead to stability. "For all the reasons he listed," Dadian explained. "They do need to move on. They need fresh leadership."


Los Angeles Times - New City Atty. on the Offensive in San Diego - Michael Aguirre vows to tackle the city's legal, fiscal and political issues, but critics say he is overstepping his role. By Tony Perry Times Staff Write

"Mike has come in with both guns blazing," said lobbyist John Dadian. "He's shaking things up, and that's good. But he has to be careful not to shake it up so much he'll wreck the foundation."


USA Today - Voters glad end of recall saga in sight By Patrick McMahon, USA TODAY Page A-3

"Now that we've been given a firm green light, it's pedal to metal," says San Diego GOP consultant and lobbyist John Dadian, who is undecided on how to vote. "Everybody I talk to says, 'Gee, now that this is really going to happen, I'm going to have to decide what to do.' "

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